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Welcome to Baking and Pastry Solutions (BPS). Like most, you have come here looking for information. BPS offers a full line of services designed for the small to large bakery and pastry shop. With over 10 years of experience in European and American artisan baking and pastry techniques, Brian Wood offers invaluable resources for a range of baking and pastry consulting services including product development, employee training, formula and process troubleshooting, educational program development and concept development.

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Spotlight: Kouing Aman:

Translated from the Celtic as Butter Cake, this pastry is like a cross between a croissant and a palmier. Crispy outside, light & flaky inside, incredibly buttery and sweet and salty...

Read about how to make this pastry and download a formula here or check out the September issue of Modern Baking.

Photo by Frank Wing   

Check out my recently published article on Inverted Puff Pastry in Modern Baking! Learn the how’s, the why’s, the what’s and more regarding this versatile dough.

View the article here, or read it at Modern Baking (free registration may be required). Enjoy and be sure to check out the posted formula for Strawberry and White Chocolate Napoleon in my blog. You’ve got to do something with the puff you make right?

Puff Pastry Flips Out


A Diamond for Now

Recently printed: A Diamond for Now is my second article for Modern Baking this year. Check out the article here and learn what the Diamonds are and check out the formulas and photos as well. Enjoy!