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Diamond Cookies are tender butter cookies very similar to “icebox” cookies. Add them to your repertoire: it is easy to produce “fresh baked” cookies from freezer stock with excellent quality.

Once the dough is cold, roll it into logs. next, brush lightly with egg wash and dredge in sugar.

The soft butter creaming method incorporated hardly any air. Once the sugar/fat phase is smooth, add the egg yolks (or whole eggs) and mix to incorporate.

Slice the log into the cookies. Be careful to slice evenly so the cookies all bake at the same rate. Also, the cookies will look so much nicer if they are all the same size.

Place the cookies on a parchment lined sheet pan. They can be place somewhat close because they shouldn’t spread during baking.

Finished cookies keep well in packaging for at least a week. Alternately, sell by the each. An array of colors and flavors, or using marbling techniques provides a great display for this simple but tasty treat.

All photos on this page by Frank Wing