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Friendly Fisherman’s in Eastham on Cape Cod is the place to go for great summer eats. Order at the window and grab one of the many picnic tables outside.

The Lobster Roll from Friendly Fisherman’s in Eastham. No question... best lobster roll ever. The meat was cooked to perfection and there were huge, recognizable chunks of claw and tail.

And yes... that is a stuffie (aka stuffed quahog) in the background. A bit dark in the iphone photo, but it was the most delish I have ever had.

Cape Cod Beer. This was a perfect match for the Lobster Roll and Stuffie. Get it at the package store next door. With notes of clove and banana, it was incredibly refreshing. $2 dep. required for the growler.

Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett is a Rhode Island institution. It has been around since 1920 and some of my earliest memories are from inside the covered porch packed with the post beach crowd waiting for orders of stuffies and clam cakes. A lot of people get take out to eat at picnic table behind the vantage point of the photo, but they also have a dining room with  water views.

Ray’s in Rye, NH is not exactly in SE New England, but it has the same options for good food. Rye is north of Hampton, a summertime favorite for many in the NE. Stay clear of Honkeytonkville, and you are sure to find some good food.

This Lobster Roll was yum as was the Smuttynose IPA.

The clam cakes from A.C. are legendary and the best I have ever had. Only eat a few though... as they are loaded. In the foreground, another stuffie served with some cocktail sauce. Very good as well.

The Village Hearth Bakery in Jamestown opened in 2001 and it has grown from bakery/residence to Bakery-Cafe. The space is beautiful and it is run by husband and wife couple. The bread is baked out of a wood fired oven and it sells out fast. Try some of their sweets and grab a sandwich. Eat it there... or bring it to Beavertail.

Beavertail State Park- Jamestown, RI. A view from the rocky shale coast looking towards Newport, RI.

The Light House at the southern most point of Jamestown in Beavertail State Park is under restoration. The rocky coast line is fun to walk around on a blue sky summer day and there are lots of tide pools. Bring a sandwich and some treats from The Village Hearth Bakery and enjoy the sound of breaking waves.